JIKKO Interfaces

Designed according to our customer needs

Because we think of everyone involved in the production process, we designed two interfaces within JIKKO. The first one is called JIKKO Management and the second one is called JIKKO Operator.

1. JIKKO Management

This interface is designed to ease the decision making process. For this we have different modules with all the functionalities needed for boosting the production process. Discover all modules

Managers from here will:

  • Create and visualize production orders, also create routes and materials needed for each one.
  • Plan the production, defining rules and being assisted by our optimization system.
  • Have a summary of the efficiency of production times and allows you to identify the main causes of productivity loss.
  • Access to your plant data in a dynamic and real-time board, to help decision makers in their daily tasks 

2. JIKKO Operator

This interface is designed especially for plant operators to collect and directly digitize all the data or information associated with the production process. 

Operators from here will:

  • Record the start and end of each operation, in each work center and for each order.
  • Enter status changes in the work centers and define the reasons of those changes of status.
  • Confirm material consumption.
  • Communicate with managers in case support is needed.

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