JIKKO Modules

Designed to ease the decision making process.

JIKKO Management is mainly divided by seven modules, with all the functionalities you and your company need for boosting the production process. Let's learn more about them!  

1. Order Management

You can easily view and create routes and materials needed to produce your orders, find a list with all of your orders and their different statuses and visualize the standard and real costs that each order represents for your company.

2. Inventory Management

It provides a global vision of products and raw materials from an operational point of view. It gives you constant alerts on inventory levels, to avoid customer delivery delays. Also, it shows you the bill of materials and product life cycle. 

3. Production Scheduling

You are going to be able to plan your production manually or assisted by using our optimization system. You can also use rules fully adjustable to your needs, prioritizing by customers, delivery dates, etc.

4. Personnel & Time

It allows you to plan, organize, integrate and improve collaboration within your team. You can establish and determine the skills of each of your operators in order to carry out an internal strategic planning.

5. Traceability

You can have an overview of production and performance in real time. You have a digital tracking of each order throughout the entire production process. Facilitate the identification of raw material for your products to improve efficiency.

6. OEE & Performance

You have access to an overview and multiple views on the efficiency and productivity of your work centers. You can see a summary of the efficiency of production times.

It also allows you to identify the main causes of productivity loss.

7. Cockpit Board

We bring all the data from your plant to a dynamic view in real time, in order to help decision makers in their daily tasks.

It allows you to have a better response in the field and within the team.

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